Are you looking to engage a new audience? Have you spent months on a project and don’t know what to do with it?

Then you need an illustrator to communicate your ideas in a new and engaging way. I can turn your project into something out of the ordinary such as a illustrated comic, an animation, a live drawing or a series of gifs.

I have worked with different people across disciplines and my illustrations have connected people around the world. My projects go further than producing a visual output they also ask the viewer to participate within the project. My artwork empowers people to change how they think. I create discussion and debate.

Hi, I´m Holly

I am a multidisciplinary designer who makes empowering and creative projects .


3 x 3 International Award

Honourable Mention for Behind Closed Doors

Pick Me Up 2016


More Equal Than Other’s Satire Competition

Special Commendation


The Pop-Up Poll Booth


Policy Lab: Applying Design Approaches to Policy Making

Illustrator and Graphic Designer



Kollektiv Gallery Writer

Political Agony Aunt


Victoria and Albert Museum

Kollektiv Gallery

No More Page 3

University of Brighton

University of College of Arts London

Ditchling Museum of Arts and Crafts

It Is What It Is Brighton