The Pop-Up Poll Booth



I find politics can be incredibly interesting as well equally frustrating. I wanted people to re-engage with politics, vent their frustrations and feel like their vote is worth something. That is why I created the Pop-Up Poll Booth, a creative and interactive experience for people to learn about politics. The poll booth was set-up up in Brighton on the 4th May-10th during the last week of the General Election. The public where invited to vote for the politician they hated the most and take part in free political workshops.  The Pop-Up Poll Booth provided an alternative voting environment in comparison to your traditional polling booth.



 I ran workshops across the week such as draw your perfect politician, dress up as Nigel Farage and make a shrine to the Green Party. I filled the shop with games such as political bowling, Guess Who with politicians and colouring in sheets with political phrases. The shop was designed to be colourful catching the attention of people walking by. I filled the space with political busts of politicians and created mock election posters.


400 Votes Later And 3 Political Leaders Resignations 


 Over 400 people voted across the week, the project attracted lots of attention from the press and was shown on Sky News. The poll booth was also featured by People of Print and The Newspaper Club.